TIE BOSS Block and Tackle

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Product Specifications:

  • Maximum load limit: 300 lbs or 136 kgs
  • 3/8" Tie Boss
  • 2 Tie Boss Pulleys
  • 35 feet of solid braid, polypropylene rope
  • 2 durable hooks

Balloonists secure their gear
Hang your game
Lift and store your hard top
Hoist and position trailer hitch

"The Tie Boss Block and Tackle is simple to use and turns a two-man job into a one-man job. It worked great for getting my buck hoisted up the meat pole."

Larry Russell, Attica, MI

"This is the best block and I have used, and I've been using them for over 50 years! Quality and durability were all excellent, but its best feature is the simple lock and release."

John Davis, Orlando FL

"We had a snowmobile rescue last season and the Tie Boss block and tackle was essential in recovering it. A rider had attempted a climb and was kicked off their machine. The machine rolled into an extremely steep section upside down and butted nose first into a treewell. Due to the angle of the slope it wasn’t going to be possible to pull the back end of sled around without having it roll down the slope and over some exposed rocks and into more trees. Using the Tie Boss block and tackle, 3 riders were able to easily pull a mountain sled with a track full of snow up out of the treewell, anchor it without worrying about losing ground, and flip it over onto it’s skis so it could be ridden out. Without a Tie Boss block and tackle system I have no doubt the machine would have rolled down the slope with considerable damage, likely leaving the rider without a machine to ride out of the back country."

Mike King

"By far the best block and tackel I have ever used!"

Richard Baese, Salt Lake City, Utah

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